7 Health Issues Caused by Bed Bugs

7 Health Issues Caused by Bed Bugs

As we tuck ourselves into bed at night, the last thing on our minds is likely the lurking presence of an unsettling intruder – bed bugs. While their bites are undoubtedly annoying, the true concern lies in the potential health issues they can cause.
Allergic Reactions.These reactions range from minor to severe. In extreme cases, a person may have an anaphylactic reaction to a bite. 

Child with an allergic reaction

Trouble Sleeping.
It’s true that bed bug bites aren’t very painful. However, they cause itchiness and irritation that can keep you up all night.

Infection. While a bed bug is unlikely to transmit pathogens, you can still develop an infection if you continue to scratch a bite.

Mental/Emotional Strain. The lack of sleep can significantly impact your mental well-being, and their presence can disrupt your social life and cause feelings of guilt and frustration.

Anemia. Bed bugs consume blood when they bite. If the body isn’t able to replenish this lost blood, a person can develop anemia.

Respiratory Problems. Bed bugs shed their skin. They also leave behind debris such as waste matter and eggs. All this material can end up in the air.

Weakened Immune System. Sleep deprivation can weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to illness. Issues like infections, allergic reactions, and stress can further compromise your immune system.

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