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UV Care Zap

UV Care Zap

Brand:UV Care

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UV Care ZAP is UV Care’s revolutionary new product that is the answer to your UV-C sterilization needs on-the-go and at home.

  • It comes with a rubber guard where you can attach an adhesive strip so you can easily and securely attach the device on almost any surface and power on to sterilize with our premium UV-C light technology.
  • Easily sterilize your groceries in the trunk while you’re on the road back so you won’t have to worry about disinfecting them when you get home.
  • You can also attach #UVCare ZAP to the interior of your glove compartment and sterilize parking cards, money, your phone and other small items.
  • Have you been having food delivered to your home regularly these days? Or buying a lot of things online? Why not recommend UV Care ZAP to your favorite delivery app and online shop?
  • Sterilize the interiors of your document drawers and clothing cabinets with UV Care ZAP.
  • And many more home and portable solutions!

UV Care is a US brand that is US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Registered and is Rated A+ by the US Better Business Bureau (BBB) . UV Care is also a member of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA).

Product Details: 

  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful germs, viruses, bacteria and molds
  • Perfect for sterilizing small spaces like delivery bags, kitchen cabinets, trash bins, storage boxes, toilet bowls, drawers, closet, shoe cabinets, and lockers
  • Emits just the right amount of ozone gas to rid of foul odors
  • Sterilization Time: 5 Minutes (Allow additional 5 minutes down time to properly air out space)
  • Coverage Area: 1 cubic meter
  • Rechargeable, Portable and Easy to Use
  • Charging Time: 5-6 Hours (Full Charge)
  • Color: Black
  • Rated Power: 3.0 Watts
  • Power Supply: 3.7 V/ 500 mAh
  • Lamp Life: 8,000 Hours (approximate, lamp is not replaceable)
  • Ozone Density: ≥ 0.01 ppm – ≤ 0.05 ppm
  • Safety Feature:
    3-Second Time Delay
    UV-C lamp auto shuts off when flipped upwards
    UV-C lamp auto shuts off when raised at a 45-degree angle
  • Product Dimensions: L-13 cm x W-3.8 cm x H-1.7 cm; Product Weight: 0.1 g
  • Box Dimensions: L-13.5 cm x W-7.6 cm x H-2.5 cm; Gross Weight: 0.2 kg
  • Package Inclusions: Silicone Protective Sleeve with Double-Sided Adhesive Strip, Micro USB Cable (For Charging)
  • With 1 Year Local Supplier Warranty

How to Use: 

  1. Turn on the unit by pressing the power button for three (3) seconds.
  2. UVC Lamp will turn on after three (3) seconds.
  3. Sterilization process will begin and will last for 5 minutes.
  4. Unit will auto shut off after sterilization time.
  5. Allow an additional 5 minutes air out time for residual ozone to fully dissipate.

Motion Sensor Orientations: 

Power Button on Top

(Light turns off when placed upright)

Power Button on the Bottom

(Light remains on when placed upright)

Delivery Bags Kitchen Cabinets
Garbage Bin Shoe Closets
Toilet Bowl Lockers
Storage boxes with Flip-top Covers Fixed Installations


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Stephanie Sabellano Ruiz
    Amazing customer service and very fast delivery! Our old one was from 2020 and we are only replac...

    Amazing customer service and very fast delivery! Our old one was from 2020 and we are only replacing them now. I say 4 years so it is so worth it

    happy with this!

    Received items 3 days after ordering. Got this one for my parents since we've been happy using Zap to sanitize all sorts of stuff, especially documents, face shields and money in our "zappy box". Adds to our peace of mind.

    Faye Mari Buena
    Odor eliminator

    Satisfied ako sa purchased kong Zap, In just 5 mins. it eliminates foul odors from may shoe cabinet and near sa garbage area. Such a big help thank u uv care.

    Rose Doliente

    Legit ang nice sya gaya ng dati kong mga order.Thank u seller

    Francis Meris-Mangrobang
    My house is protected by @uv_care.

    Call me a germophobe because I am!

    Even before the pandemic started, the health and safety of my family has always been my priority.

    More than alcohol and disinfectants, I am a true believer of the power of UV light technology in effectively killing 99.9% of pathogens -bacteria, fungi, parasites and of course, viruses.

    My house is protected by @uv_care. From air purifier to room sterilizers, UV Care is my trusted go-to brand when it comes to UV disinfection.

    My first ever purchase wayback 2016 was the UV Care Portable Germ Zapper which I use to sterilize an unobstructed surface area of 15 sqm. I use it to sterilize our cars, bathrooms and the rooms of my kids.

    Then, I got the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer for myself. I initially used it to sterilize my breastpump parts and now, I use it to sterilize my masks, face shield, money, pens, doorknobs, parcels and a lot more.

    I also have their shoe sterilizer, super power vacuum, zap, 6in1 air purifier, portable germinator 2.0 and my favorite of ‘em all, the Ulta Germ Zapper.